Friday, January 29, 2010

Doozi, the Little Ladybird

Once, a beautiful ladybird was born on a beautiful spring day, in a
beautiful rose garden. Her wings were as red as the roses' petals with
small round black spots. She was very cute. Her name was Doozi. Doozi was very kind and polite, and she had lots of friends: a caterpillar, a grasshopper, a beetle, ants, and bees. All of them were little baby insects.

They were very good friends and played all day long together. They sat on the roses' petals, eating their honeydew and shared the stories their parents had told them. There was a very big, tall, Chestnut tree near the rose garden which had lots of green dancing leaves. Every day Doozi and her friends went there and played in the tree or sometimes would lie down under the tree's shade and look at the azure sky among it's branches and leaves. When the wind blew, the Chestnut tree's leaves danced gently with a beautiful voice which sounded like a lullaby.

Every thing was perfect until one day a cold wind blew. Little by
little the weather became cold and rainy. There was thunder and lightning in the sky. The wind blew harder every day. Rose petals fell down one by one. The Chestnut tree's green leaves changed to yellow. They danced in the wind and parted from the tree. Finally one day the last leaf fell down to the ground. The baby insects stayed in their homes. They couldn't play outside anymore.

Doozi was frightened and sad.
"What's the matter mummy?" she asked her mother.
"The winter is coming." she answered.
"It's terrible. It kills the roses and steals the Chestnut tree's leaves. I
hate the winter." and started to cry.
"Shhh. Don't say that. Wait and see." her mother said.

Winter came with it's cold winds and snow. Doozi couldn't play outside and she couldn't see her friends. She missed them very much. One day when the weather wasn't too cold and it wasn't snowy, she went to visit her friend the caterpillar. But the caterpillar wasn't at her home. Doozi finally found her with a strange thing covering her whole body. Doozi spoke to her but she didn't move. Doozi thought she was dead. She ran home crying and told her mother. Her mother said "She is not dead, dear. She is in her cocoon. It is like a bed for her. When she wakes up she will be very different. Wait and see dear, wait and see."

Days passed...

Days later Doozi woke up and looked out of the window. She couldn't believe her eyes. It wasn't snowy, the sun was shining and the Chestnut tree had bright green buds. The roses were blooming and the birds were singing in the trees. She ran to the door and opened it. It was really wonderful. Suddenly a beautiful butterfly sat beside her, looked at her, and smiled. Doozi smiled too and said: "Hello. What's your name?" The butterfly laughed and said: "Hey, Doozi. It's me, the caterpillar!" "You're kidding! Oh, I can't believe. How can it be possible?" she said.

A voice answered her from behind her:
"Yes, it is the miracle of the nature." It was her mother.
She continued: "Winter is the time for rest and renewal. Without winter we can't appreciate the beauty of spring. Now go out and see the wonders Mother Nature provides and find happiness in your life. Your friends are waiting. . .